The Short:

Connectavid’s goal is to partner transparent and effective causes to create real change in the world. We’re a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing community filled with global game changers passionate about making a lasting and positive impact on our world!

The Story:

After the founder, Cristina, saw firsthand how social networking combined with video was a game changer, she saw an answer to a deep need.

The social sector of our global community wants to resolve a huge problem - and Cristina was able to see the change to be the change – and began developing Connectavid to avidly connect like-minded people passionate about making a difference in our world.

Thanks to her spark of inspiration, Connectavid now gives you a way to leverage your elbow grease and extra dollars into massive action.

You’re now able to globally share your unique gifts, ideas, and talents with organizations you trust to transform the future.

No matter how you want to help - whether it’s just sharing an idea, gifting 5 hours of graphic design, connecting a cause with your network, or getting on a plane to plant trees in Ecuador… it all matters. No contribution is too small when we work as a community of many hands.

When you find ways you can truly help, you become empowered with the knowledge that we can make a difference - each and every one of us.

Why should I hang out on Connectavid?

Our mission is to transform the social sector: to channel more people power, and leverage the donations to their fullest capacity so that causes benefit society and the environment with positive lasting change.

Connectavid is a platform that enables Cause Leaders (social good organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, etc.) and Cause Supporters (volunteers and donors) to interact and join together, magnifying impact for the greater good of all. We connect people as if we’re all neighbors, no matter where we’re located on the planet. Cause Leaders and Supporters can find each other - they can find funding and utilize expertise within the community so greater change is possible.

You’re the game changer.

You’ve chosen to walk the footsteps of your ancestors - the same relatives who did away with slavery, the holocaust, segregation, etc. They paved the way for you, just as it’s now your turn to pave the way for the next seven generations to come.

We believe in the power of numbers.

The bigger and louder we are, the more we are heard, the more CHANGE we can create, the more HOPE we have, the more CONNECTED we are - which shows us we are not alone in our pursuits in trying to make things better.

Let’s get this straight right now: we’re not going to sell out and we’re not going to fund this platform with sleazy marketing ploys. Screw investments. Forget commercials. We’re legit.

We get that you don’t want to be preached at or promoted to - we bow down to you for being in service to the world. And we want the experience of being a community of catalysts to be fun and exciting - we want it to be what you want.

Benefits For Supporters (Volunteers & Donors):

  • ● Make a difference by contributing funds/skills with aligned organizations in a way that is easy, fun and impactful.
  • ● Be confident your donated money or talents will go to organizations that do what they say they are going to, due to our screening process.
  • ● Create an online community of like-minded people for connection and inspiration around social change.
  • ● Feel amazing for making a difference, and helping a worthy cause.

Benefits For Leaders (Nonprofits & NGOs):

  • ● Enjoy more visibility, coverage, communication and contributions (of money and talents) from effective supporters.
  • ● Connect with other organizations for potential collaboration and partnership.
  • ● Receive donations to further your organization’s mission through people’s talents, skills, insights and connections.
  • ● Help inspire the masses to support your cause.

About the Founder:

Cristina Laskar is the Founder and CEO of Connectavid, a website for social change where YOUR impact matters. As a former Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Cristina started her work in the alternative medicine field at a very young age. Her background in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine helped chart this path she now travels. It’s her passion for healing that led her to create Connectavid in order to have a larger impact that brings lasting change.

Her intention is for Connectavid to inspire awareness, acceptance, and responsibility with a worldwide community of game changers. Cristina dreams of people one day globally standing together.

Now, Cristina and Connectavid are changing the way nonprofits change the world. They’re empowering both Cause Leaders (the organizations) and Cause Supporters to work together in a manner that is sustainable and leveraged for the greater good of the world.