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$20.00 / $10000 Goal

Eden Reforestation Projects' mission is “to alleviate extreme poverty through environmental stewardship." "We (Eden) accomplish our mission as we provide employment to hundreds of impoverished villagers in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Haiti, and Nepal whose job is to grow, plant, and guard native species seedlings until they collectively reach maturity as healthy forests."

Eden’s village employees are currently planting over two million trees each month (August 2015) for as little as ten cents per tree.  In 2015 alone, Eden will plant over 24 million trees through the employment of 400+ full and 1000+ partial-season eco-workers who desperately need a cash-producing job. Eden’s “employ to plant” methodology is a simple, cost-effective plan that is transforming the workers' lives even as they restore their own lands back to healthy forest systems.

The reforestation salary enables the workers to escape from debt slavery, afford a balanced diet, buy decent clothes, send their children to school, and go to the doctor when they need to. All of this is the result of the workers having a salary. Being lifted out of extreme poverty and the oppression that goes along with it is the first goal of Eden Reforestation Projects.

As the millions of trees collectively grow into healthy forest, destructive flooding stops and the villagers’ lives become safe again. Local farming improves, because leaf litter restores soil nutrients. Wild animals begin to return. Healthy forests act as sponges, so aquifers refill. Springs slowly but surely begin to bubble. Clean water begins to flow from the streams and rivers.

Of special note: Sometime during the fall of 2015, Eden will surpass the 100 million tree-planting milestone. We need your help. The villagers need your help. The Earth needs your help. The cost of employing 1 local villager is about $100/month. No matter what you can afford, it WILL help. All of this transformation is the result of employing villagers who desperately want to be provided with the dignity of THIS worthy and important employment:  planting millions of trees, for as little as ten cents per tree.