Standing Rock Solidarity Cause

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Completed on:

  • 2016
  • 12
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Project Roles Needed:

On-site volunteer

Time Donated:

3 Hours - On-site volunteer

Money Donated:

$4,036.00 / $5000 Goal

There's some crazy things happening in our world today, even here in the U.S. And, there's some amazing people doing great things today!


I don't know about you, but I want to be one of those doing great things and I invite you to help!


The water protectors are being attacked with dogs, pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets (in the face), flash grenades and sound grenades, and (as this was written) 400 have been taken to jail. We have a humanitarian crisis happening.


I do not share this with you for you to feel bad… Awareness is important to understand what action is needed and why.


I share this with you for the love of our planet and it’s people.


I share this with you for you to understand WHY we need to be there with them.


Let me give you a brief history about the North Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The pipeline was okayed to be built last spring. They originally had the pipeline going through North Bismarck. However, this would be going through an area that is populated with 90% white folks with an average income of about $80,000. This would have the potential of polluting their water. They then rerouted the pipeline to go through Standing Rock Sioux tribe land, which also would have them going through burial grounds. Some of the Sioux lawyers sent paperwork expressing this to DC on a Friday in September, and they started bulldozing the day after the paperwork was delivered. Since then many museums sent proof of this. This is EXTREMELY brief…




This is actually a call to take a stand as a humanitarian.  


“Amnesty International classifies these practices as ‘cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment (CID),’ which is illegal under international and U.S. law.” YES Magazine.


We need to show our support for this planet and all of it’s inhabitants, now and for future generations.


My friend Lisa Fabrega and I are rallying as many people as possible to come to Standing Rock, North Dakota with us over thanksgiving break (November 21st - 25th). We have been feeling the call to go and stand in solidarity with all of the water protectors.


Our main call to action is for you to come with us. And, if you already have plans with your family - the more the merrier… ;) However, if you aren’t able to come, and would like to be of service, you may donate through this page and we’ll make sure that 100% of donations go to support Standing Rock in whatever ways will be most useful. Make sure to stay tuned here, we will continue to update you on what is happening and how your money has helped!




If you’re camping, remember to bring your warm stuff. Even though water protectors were just in the river the other day, doesn’t guarantee that the weather will be warm while we’re there.


Click to reserve your room now. Then come back and tell us you’re joining us at Standing Rock this Thanksgiving.


Here’s a link to share how you can volunteer with Sacred Stone Camp, one of the main organizers of the peaceful protest.


Here's a link to a resource packet provided by Sacred Stone Camp.




Thank you. Looking forward to seeing you there!