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Let us help you - show us your needs so we can respond with donations and volunteers. This is a platform for Cause Leaders (organization representatives) and Cause Supporters (volunteers and donors) to interact and join together - to magnify impact through connecting, collaborating, and contributing to global change. That’s why you need to create a profile for your cause on Connectavid.


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Crowdfunding = GIVE MONEY
We all know money makes the world go 'round (whether we like this fact or not is a totally different matter). No contribution is too small when we work as a community. Causes need all the money they can get there hands on to make a social impact. Your donation will make a difference. Help build a better future for many generations by being a global citizen and giving money.



Crowdsourcing = GIVE TIME
We believe in the power of numbers. This is your invitation to get involved! You are not alone in your pursuit to make things better - you can do something today that’ll matter for years to come. The possibilities are endless when dedicated game changers pool their energy. The bigger and louder you are, the more you are heard, and the more change you can create by giving your time.


  • TESTING...

    Donation : $ 20.00 / $ 100.00

    All working

  • Standing Rock Solida...

    Donation : $ 4,036.00 / $ 5,000.00

    There's some crazy things happening in our world today, even here in the U.S. And, there's some amaz

  • Employ to Plant...

    Donation : $ 20.00 / $ 10,000.00

    Eden Reforestation Projects' mission is “to alleviate extreme poverty through environmental stewar

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C - Create an online community of like-minded people for connection and inspiration around social impact.
O - Offer your services in a place where YOU CAN make a DIFFERENCE.
N - Network with other game changers: leaders and supporters alike.
N - Navigate organizations doing great things in the world to affect positive change.
E - Engage with the causes you choose to support.
C - Connect with other organizations doing great work in the world for potential collaboration and partnership.
T - Trust your donated money or talents will go to organizations that do what they say they are going to, due to our screening process.